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Legalization All the bureaucracy and travel with the competent entities for the proper legalization of the property. Sales marketing Management is carried out on the D Wan Guest Houses website (www.dwanguesthouses.com) and online short-term booking platforms. Platforms: BOOKING.COM | EXPEDIA | HOMEAWAY | AIRBNB | TRIPADVISOR ... D Wan Guest Houses Brand All costs associated with promoting the property are borne by D Wan Guest Houses such as flyers, website, professional photographs, tarpaulins, posters ... Bookings & Mailing All management of reservations confirmation,payments and billing. Bureaucracies and legal and tax obligations Issue of model 30, bulletin records on the SEF portal and other legal and tax obligations. Check-in & check-out The client is welcomed with a visit to the house, handing over the keys and a map of the locality and region. All information about the city and activities in the region are available to the client in the information book prepared by us. The security deposit is charged before or at check-in. Cleaning & laundry Housekeeping service is our responsibility. We have hired a team of excellent service providers using hygiene products suitable for the hotel industry. Bed linen and towels Possibility of providing bed linen and towels. Kitchen and bathroom essentials Toilet paper, soap, napkins, dishwashing liquid and laundry detergent are provided. Maintenance and repairs In case of necessary damages and repairs will be resolved by us. The replacement of damaged or broken items will be charged to the customer when justified and assumed. 24h / 24h customer service Before, during and after the stay. Consultancy Advice on decoration and assembly of the house for better profitability (under budget) Property inventory An inventory of the house will be prepared, which will be monitored by us. Welcome Pack At the discretion of the Owner between 5 to 10eur per check-in. Always with quality products from the region.

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